Wednesday, October 22, 2014

KCW: fall edition

geared up to squeak out a bit of time to sew this week for some kiddos dear to me.  this season i have a baby who prefers not to nap during the day or truly stay asleep until after 10pm, thus the time to sew is short and precious, similar to the time my baby is a babe. but, i've spent a few weeks of prepping for kcw so my sewing time can be productive this week.  in 2 days of devoted sewing over the weekend, made possible by my awesome husband taking all 5 kids out for some daddy time, i stitched up this engineer's outfit to celebrate my nephew's 1st birthday.

I used fishstick's designs buttons and buckles overalls pattern in 18 months and some railroad stretch denim from here.  always love her patterns; straightforward construction, and her sizing and design make a truly great fit for babies and kids every time.

eeep!  i love this hat! it's from butterflytree patterns and i sewed the M since he measured at 19 inches.  a pretty quick sew and i love that the crown is just one piece instead of multiple panels to stitch together.

to make this outfit even more special for his first birthday, i found this shop to custom make him little train buttons, they are the perfect touch!  

all these beautiful photos were taken by his talented mom!

happy fall!