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I am glad you popped by to check out my Etsy shop;  handmade shoes and clothing for your little explorer!

I had been sewing for about 2 1/2 years when I started making baby and toddler shoes.  I couldn't seem to find shoes for my son that didn't have a symbol referring to destruction or death on them for a price I wanted to pay!  So I started Meem's Seams. 

I really enjoy creating shoes out of: unique new fabrics (I have the first line of baby shoes featuring Beatrix Potter's classic characters); vintage lovelies that have been passed along to me; or high quality organic cottons. 

Having five children, I have learned the necessity of the baby sleep gown...diaper changes in the wee hours of the morn are so much easier (hello squirmy newborn legs in leg openings! You have to half wrestle the child to straighten their legs so you can get the 26 snaps done up in the right order with no glasses on in a dark room!) and my cloth bummed babies have room to move and stretch in a gown.  Second to the sleep sack would be a well fitting hat, warm babies are happy babies!  All of my baby hats and gowns are sewn with delightfully soft 100% organic cotton from Organic Cotton Plus.  I prefer to use organic cotton as often as I can; safe for us and for Earth, each little step counts.

I love creating custom orders as well.  Whether it's a Baptism, holiday, birthday or everyday, I take joy in helping create the outfit and accessories you envision for your little love.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting handmade!


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