Tuesday, November 17, 2015

pattern anthology sew along: denver

denver. this is the pattern that i really loved at first glance!  i had a hard time picking fabrics for it as i wanted it to be soft and comfy but not bulky.  i excitedly settled on a great combination from organic cotton plus.

the body is this super soft and cozy grey stripe interlock.  so wonderful.  you need some so here's the link!  and for the trims i used this beautiful plum stretch jersey also from organic cotton plus....the ladies of pattern anthology set up coupons to a bunch of great fabric shops for buying their group of patterns, and OCC is my favorite fabric shop with all their organic goodness, SO, i have a few (more) yummy organic cottons in my stash now, yay!

this pattern has all my favorite things: the perfect cowl neck, pockets, flattering seams, and many styling options!

i would also like to point out how well i matched up my stripes!  i was hesitant to do the stripes for this reason, but it wasn't as painful as i thought it would be!  i also happened to use some organic cotton thread from occ for my sewing and topstitching.  love the thickness and quality of their thread. you need some in your stash.

now, i love plum and other dark jewel colors so when i saw this jersey i really wanted it for my stash and have some more plans for it.  but i should have picked up this rib knit for the trim pieces instead of using this jersey.  i don't know how i didn't see it, but it's all good, because the jersey is stretchy and has lovely recovery but i did have to make the pieces a bit longer so the pieces would fit well.

piece number 2 complete, sweet!

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