Sunday, April 13, 2014

kids clothing week: Easter Shirt for W

In a fit of spring cleaning I went through the summer clothes bins and bags and sorted out the fit from the too small, and the "clean and acceptable to wear" from the "holy dirty painty, blueberry stains batman!" clothes.  The yield was a little lacking in spring and summer wear so I have my "work" cut out for me to get my kiddos ready for Easter, spring and summer.  The kids are happy about choosing fabric and patterns and mama is happy to sew for them.  So I used Kids Clothes Week, a 7 day challenge to do some aspect of sewing for kids for one hour each day to motivate me into some serious sewing.  I did some pattern printing, taping and tracing last weekend and I had one goal in mind for sewing this week, complete Wyatt's Easter shirt.  Since my sewing time is wicked unpredictable I thought I garment was a wholly reasonable goal :).

Fabric is an upcycle of my husband's too small dress shirt. The pattern is Oliver + S, Lullaby Layette.

Wyatt is in cloth diapers and is a good sized 4 month old boy (17.12lbs, 26 in.) so I sewed up the 6-12 month size, it fits just right and will hopefully last through the summer.  It's a full and bubbly style, rather vintage.  It's sweet on its own and super cute tucked into pants as it looks just like a button down shirt!

big brother is making faces to make W smile for the camera
Here is an up close on the detail of the neck trim, I used the herringbone flannel to match his Easter pants.  I also had to use the whole sleeve for the front of the body so there is the cuff detail on his left shoulder.  I think it adds a unique touch and almost looks like a little breast pocket!

Big brother couldn't be left out of the photo shoot :)


Feeling very inspired and energized to keep going on my sewing list.  Big sister Easter outfit, here I come!


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