Sunday, July 6, 2014

scoop top for me!

So I wear this shirt all the time.  it's the free scoop top pattern by skirtastop.  I used an organic cotton jersey from, arctic paisley.  it is such a quick sew with only 2 pieces and a neckline and optional pocket. no sleeves to set in.  since i made it in a jersey i didn't hem the sleeves or the bottom so after i washed and dried it the hem curled up and the sleeves curled in like it hemmed itself! and that's just lovely for a casual shirt :)  
Since I am currently a nursing mama I am not really a S/M as this pattern is made to be but it is definitely flexible and the length is lovely over the mama tum tum. ;)

This picture was taken at my 4 year old's birthday party during the water balloon relay race, hence my excitement. My generous and talented sister in law took all the pictures capturing the day's celebration with so many beautiful candid shots.


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