Monday, October 19, 2015

kcw: fall edition

the theme for this week is disguise and hopefully i'll get to a little costume stitching, but first priority is filling in the wardrobe gaps for some of my kiddos.
fall is in full swing here in the northeast so my baby needed a cool weather cap.

i used the newsboy pattern from Butterfly Tree Patterns.  i've done up this pattern a number of times and love how professional it looks every time, it's reversible too!

this side is a mid weight wool plaid and the other side is a light weight red plaid flannel....which i didn't get a pic of....
the wool is decently soft but he'll probably just wear it this way.

i love how it can be worn two ways too, pinched up for the newsie look, or pulled down to cover those little ears! i sewed up a child's large because he measured at the top end of the medium size, and i wanted to be safe, cause there's nothing like spending 4 hours sewing something that's too small. haha.

this is him wanting more running down the hill!

love this face.
oh, there's that red flannel peeking out from under the brim :)

project one checked off the list, now on to cool weather jammies!


  1. The hat is so cute! I wanted to make some of those for my boys last year, but never got around to it. Mine kids are a little older and I thought they would love having some civil war style hats for their pretend battles :) Maybe for Christmas this year...

  2. civil war style is a great idea, hope you get around to it, i bet they'd love them! the pattern designer also has an engineer style hat i sewed up last fall. thanks for commenting!