Sunday, October 25, 2015

kcw: fall pajamas

why did i wait so long to make wool pajamas?!  so soft, so cute and so warm!

i used peekaboo pattern's alex and anna winter pajama pattern 2T.

I like everything about the fit and sewing it was easy, except i kind of botched the neckline.  it's a very thin neckband and i was going a bit too fast with the serger, but it's all good.

i used interlock wool from nature's fabric.  it's natural color organic merino wool. so delightful!  i used light grey thread from my serger so unfortunately the seams show more than i would like, lesson learned.
I wash them with sheepish grins wool wash soap and hang them to dry.  i also tried the handwash cycle on my washing machine after a large spill of hot cocoa down the front of himself and that worked well. i didn't notice any fabric shrinking.  the next pair will be in this navy wool!

also, note to self, do not let almost 2 year old play outside in wool longies right before wanting to photograph.  oh well, if i knew how to hashtag, it'd be #reallife.

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