Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mid Week Munchies

So every once in a while I get on this kick of wanting the same snack over and over....does that happen to anyone else?!? I really try to feed my family as non processed as possible.  It's healthier and easier on the food bill.  We eat real basic and mostly our food fits in one of these groups: it's in it's natural form of how the good Lord made it, I've baked/cooked it, or it is packaged and has REAL ingredients in it.   It's pretty easy for meal time, but snacks can be a tough one. Anywho, I was out grocery shopping with the kiddos and saw these rice cakes on sale and all of a sudden my brain concocted the most perfect snack to accompany my afternoon tea, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Rice Cakes!  These are like ten thousand times better than the pre-packaged name brand ones, plus you get to spread on as much peanut butter and chocolate goodness as you want!

I really appreciate the Lundberg company and had been buying their rice for a few years....until I couldn't find it in bulk anymore :(...anyway, they are organic and USA from seed to product, nice.  Occasionally I buy Teddie Organic Peanut Butter because we all love the taste of it, just peanuts and salt, but it only comes in this small glass container and the six of us totally eat it all up in like 4 days!  Wish I could find a larger container of peanut butter with just the 2 ingredients....not a big fan of hydrogenated oils and corn syrup on my lovely rice cakes or home baked oatmeal bread.  I bake a decent amount so we buy all our baking supplies in bulk, hence the 3.5 pound bag of chocolate chips (it's a bit more conservative and nicer to look at than the 20 lb. box I have in my pantry!) and these say they are responsibly sourced but they don't give any affiliations with groups so I don't know, but they are yummy!

What's your current snack kick?


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  1. I love lundberg and have used their products for years. Rice cake snacks are my favorite. So much crunch for so few calories haha.
    As for peanut butter we love maranatha's brand. They have slightly salted and no salt versions. So good and just peanuts so it's good for you :)