Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Twirls

Skirts are so fun and easy and when I saw this fabric I just knew it would be perfect for my fun and spunky 6 year old niece.  When I got to thinking about how I wanted to make it special for her I thought pockets, twirly, and hearts....candy heart inspired pockets; nice!  So I think this is the second item of clothing I have ever embroidered on (the first was on a pair of mittens I made for my mum this Christmas), if you can call it embroidery, it's rather simple but it made me smile to do it and I hope she likes the extra touch of handmade love.  The pockets are a dark purple and light pink eco-felt stitched together with a little pink-variegated embroidery floss I had from when I used to make friendship bracelets as a teenager!  

My daughter Lily's only 4 months younger than N so I had her try it on to make sure the fit and pockets were right:

Love U

Sweet Heart

A view from the front...

And the back....

N lives in Texas with her Air Force Mama, my sister, so I see this skirt layered over leggings during these chillier months (does it get chilly in TX?) and light and airy for the summer time.

I know you'll rock this skirt N!



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