Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 6 Project Run & Play: Signature Style

It's the last week of this Project Run & Play session and I have totally loved it!  I am using fabric from my stash, trying new patterns and challenging my skills.  This week we were to show off our signature style.  Straight up, with being an at home mom to 4 kids 7 and younger, homeschooling, keeping the house from total disaster land, serving up healthy food, and having a smile on my face and joy in my heart, I don't have heaps of time but I love to sew.  I do my sewing on my 1960's Singer, it does a straight stitch and is such a workhorse; I love it.  So, I go for classic, clean patterns that my kiddos can get some good wearing out of.  I make some adjustments or blend some sizing for my kids' body types,  add a pocket or ruffle, but mostly I am focusing on letting my fabrics and notions do the talking.  I love me some high quality USA organic fabrics that I pick up on sale, unique vintage goodies and all the thoughtful gifts of fabric that have been given from experienced seamstresses to this crazy one!

In the spirit of challenge, I went with a new-to-me pattern by Fishsticks Designs, the Everyday Camp Shirt, and in the spirit of completing the outfit this week, 2 other patterns I have sewn before!   For fabrics and notions I used a brown/black Italian suiting wool with light blue pinstripes I was given by my sewing instructor about 5 years ago when I first started sewing, a lovely textured natural colored organic cotton, a beautiful espresso organic hemp silk charmeuse and some sustainably made buttons to create my Signature Style.

I have made Jacob quite a few vests from this vest pattern.  I love how it fits high and boxy, and depending on fabric choices it can be an everyday boy outfit accessory or part of a dapper little outfit.  Add some pockets and it's an explorer's vest....that's on the list of summer projects!  I really wanted this ensemble to fit him for a while, maybe till next fall?!  So I cut a 5T, this pattern seems to run a bit small and short for my 2 year old, and I wanted it more formal so I lengthened it 3 inches so it would overlap the pant waistband.  Pinstripe wool outside and fully lined in hemp/silk blend.

He really wanted to wear his train whistle bubble blower...I thought it was the perfect accessory :)

Rosewood Buttons

The Everyday Camp Shirt pattern did not disappoint!  Easy to assemble, sized well, clean design that let's the fabric be the focus and it would have only taken a naptime of sewing if I didn't put myself on a wild goose chase to find these buttons!  Dang those little catch-all vessels I have around the house! Anyway, I used the natural color organic cotton and fun green buttons with leaf details I bought at NearSea Naturals years ago.  Jacob's eyes are browny-hazel so these colors look real sharp on him.  Love Fishsticks patterns, they help me create great clothing that become staples in my kiddos' closet.  

Everyday Camp shirt 2T....I can't tell you how excited he was to be outside in short sleeves, my little boy who is always pushing his sleeves was like Christmas!

Close up of the green buttons with leaf detail and a peek of the hemp silk vest lining

The Little Heartbreaker Pants in size 2/3 are from Sewing for Boys I mentioned in this entry and my 2013 self challenge.  I sewed up a pair for Jacob's Christmas outfit and I learned a few lessons for this second pair involving lining up the facings correctly and serging every seam for serious durability. They went together well and I am quite pleased.  Italian wool suiting with hemp silk on the back waistband facing and pocket facings, I love those subtle touches.  Now that I've sewn these twice and love the fit, I have to get some button hole elastic that is called for in the pattern to make them truly adjustable for all the growing this little boy does.

can you see the hemp silk pocket lining peeking out?

The hemp silk and wool are both slick and slippery fabrics.  Just when you think you're cutting out a nice straight facing and lining you look again and it's all Wonka vision but thankfully it didn't cause much calamity and it is so worth it to use nice, quality fabrics. They are both rather light weight fabrics but nicely warm.  I think it'll make a great Easter suit!

And now some action shots....

inspecting a "neat" piece of metal he found

pulling the fish tote rope

throwing the rope

"all done sit"
Signature Style for this sewing Mama is all about a unique but simple look in quality fabrics while letting kids be the little explorers they want to be!
So go check out all the awesome sewing at P R&P!  I am also linked up with Train to Crazy's Make it Wear it, happy weekend!



  1. This looks very polished. What a young gentleman! Awesome job. I am also a mother of four children, seven years and younger. However, I can't imagine homeschooling, even though I am a teacher. :) You are my new hero. :)

    1. You are very sweet to say so!...It's good to know we are in good company! :)

  2. This outfit is amazing! You are so talented!!! I CAN'T wait to move home and photograph your little ones!!!

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